Consortium for Aerosol Science and Technology at Lund University

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The objective of CAST, Consortium for Aerosol Science and Technology at Lund University, is support research, development and education within aerosol science. The center's activities include both theoretical areas and practical applications.

Specifically CAST aims to:

  • Promote regional, national and international collaboration.
  • Be the natural place where universities, industry, research institutes government agencies, individuals and other stakeholders seek out the relevant issues, projects, ideas and to seek knowledge on aerosols.
  • Actively support and be part of collaboration between the aforementioned stakeholders.
  • Initiate and coordinate research projects (for example, European projects) and development with the above stakeholders.
  • Initiate and coordinate courses in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education.
  • Disseminate current knowledge through seminars and publications via various media.
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