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Seminars during the autumn 2022

Aug 26, 13-16 – Trial presentations for IAC. If you will present your research at IAC and are interested in trying out your presentation skills before the conference, please contact Sara Thuresson. All are welcome to listen and ask questions to those presenting. IKDC room 567 or on Zoom.

Sep 14, 11.15-12 – Discussion session about interesting take-homes from IAC. IKDC room 243 or on Zoom.  

Sep 21, 11.15-12 – Adam Kristensson will hold a presentation about the project CLIMB-FOREST. IKDC room 567 or on Zoom.

Sep 28, 11.15-12 – Calle Preger will hold a presentation on  “in flight X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of Aerosols: A new sample delivery system at MAX IV Laboratory”. IKDC room 567 or on Zoom.

Seminars during the spring 2022

January 12, 11:15-12, Yuliya Omelekhina, Effect of energy renovation and occupants' activities on airborne particle concentrations in Swedish rental apartments. The seminar will be given via Zoom.

February 1, 10:15-12:00 workshop on aerosol applications to the annual VR/FORMAS calls. The workshop will be given via Zoom.

Feb 3, 15:00, Dr Jakub Ondráček, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (opponent at Yuliya Omelekhinas PhD defense) – “Aerosols: Indoor/Outdoor relationship - Measurements and Modelling”. The seminar can be joined via zoom

February 4, 09.00. PhD defense Yuliya Omelekhina, “Be Aware of the Indoor Air - Physicochemical Characterization of Airborne Fine Particles in Occupied Homes”

February 11, 09.15. PhD defense Louise Gren, “Renewable diesel fuels and emission control strategies – Implications for occupational exposure, human health, and the environment” You can join via zoom

March 9, 11:15-12. Karin Lovén and Vilhelm Malmborg – “Occupational exposure assessment of fire emissions during real-scale simulated fire events”

April 27, 13:30-14:30. Sara Thuresson – “Mid-term presentation: transmission of infectious disease through aerosols”. The seminar will be in room DC:567 and on Zoom

May 4, 11:15-12. Erik Swietlicki, "ACTRIS Sweden: A new national infrastructure for air pollution monitoring", The seminar will be in room DC: 467 and on Zoom

May 23, 13:15-14:00, Prof Solomon Bililign from North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, USA will hold a presentation with the title “Laboratory Studies of Particulate Matter Emissions from African Biomass Fuels”.
The seminar will take place at IKDC, room 243 or on Zoom
Meeting ID: 680 7336 2299

May 25, 11:15-12. Jonas Jakobsson, "Exploring machine learning as a tool to  investigate the impact on Swedish air quality during the covid-19 global shutdown" in room DC:467 or on Zoom


Seminars during the autumn 2021

September 17, 13.15. PhD defense Sandra Török, “Laser-based diagnostics to study bulk properties of freshly emitted soot”. The defense will be given online via Zoom

September 24, 13.15. PhD defense John Falk, “Ice out of Fire - Ice and cloud condensation nucleation of aerosol particles emitted from controlled soot generation and combustion of renewable fuels”

September 29, 11:15-12 Louise Gren, “Underground emissions and miners' exposure to diesel and renewable diesel exhaust.” The presentation will be held via Zoom

October 6, 11:15-12:00, Martin Ek - Environmental transmission electron microscopy (ETEM) for aerosol studies – possibilities for collaborations. The presentation will be held via Zoom

October 13, 11:15-12 Reading course/Journal Club (send topic/paper suggestion to

October 27, 10:15-12 (with 15 min break included). Discussion on short lived climate forcers in the IPCC report – Interactive seminar on zoom, share your thoughts!

October 27 14:30-16:30, Workshop on “Urban scale air quality modelling” at the Pufendorf Institute, Biskopsgatan 3, Lund (Hörsalen) and on Zoom. This workshop is organized as part of the Pufendorf Theme “The air we breathe”. The workshop will focus on different aspects and methods for urban scale modelling. Camilla Geels from Aarhus University, Leena Järvi from University of Helsinki, Dominik Brunner from Empa in Switzerland and Pontus Roldin from Lund University will give brief talks and participate in a joint discussion. No registration is necessary.

November 10, 11:15-12 Yezhe Lyu (Div. Machine Elements LTH) will give a seminar about non-exhaust ultrafine aerosol particles (UFP). The seminar will be given via Zoom

November 10, 10:00-12:30, Pufendorf "The Air We Breathe" seminar “Regional/global scale modelling” 

November 17, 13:00-16:00, Pufendorf "The Air We Breathe" seminar “Health effects of PM components (including ROS)”

November 24, 09:00-12:00, Pufendorf "The Air We Breathe" seminar “Observations ACTRIS-ICOS-SITES”

December 1, 13:00-16:00, Pufendorf "The Air We Breathe" seminar “Governing the Air (including WHO AQG och EU AQ Directive)” 

December 1, 11:15-12, Yuliya Omelekhina, Effect of energy renovation and occupants' activities on airborne particle concentrations in Swedish rental apartments

December 8, 11:15-12, Reading course/Journal Club (send topic/paper suggestion to

December 8, 09:00-12:00, Pufendorf "The Air We Breathe" seminar “AI/ML in atmospheric research”

December 15, 09:00-12:00, Pufendorf "The Air We Breathe" seminar “Final workshop - Wrap-up and Legacy of our Theme”



Seminars during the spring 2021

January 27, 10:15-12 Online seminar: Share ideas and find collaborations for the application calls 2021.

February 17, 11:15-12 Online seminar by Julia Dobric, "Aerosol particle cell exposures in the Nano Aerosol Chamber for In Vitro Toxicity"

March 10, 11.15-12 Sara Thuresson, "Air sampling of SARS-CoV-2 in a hospital setting" Online seminar via zoom:

March 19, 09.15 PhD defense Oscar Sandvik, "Effects of forest fire smoke and volcanism on the stratospheric aerosol". The faculty opponent is Dr. Claudia Timmreck, Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany. Due to the COVID situation the defence can be followed via zoom 

March 24, Journal Club

April 14, Journal Club

April 21, 11:15-12 Fabian Roger, "Biodiversity is in the air – Biodiversity monitoring through the metabarcoding of airborne eDNA", Zoom:

April 23, 9.15-10 Madeleine Petersson Sjögren, midterm seminar, "AiDA and atmospheric bioaerosols", Zoom:

April 28, 11:15-12 Calle Preger, Jenny Rissler and Axel Eriksson, "Aerosol research at MAX IV". The seminar is given online on Zoom

April 29, 10:15-11 Christina Andersen will hold a trial presentation in preparation for her PhD defense. The seminar is available on zoom 

May 5, 11:15-12 Carl Svenhag, "Modell parameterization of Aerosol NPF over Boreal Forests". The presentation is given online via Zoom 

May 12, 14.15 PhD defense Christina Andersen, "Cookstoves, Candles, and Phthalates – Real Time Physicochemical Characterisation and Human Exposure to Indoor Aerosols" The faculty opponent is Associate Professor Delphine Farmer, USA. Due to the COVID situation the defense can be followed on Zoom

May 19, Journal Club

May 21, 09:00 PhD defense Manu Mannazhi, "Laser-based diagnostics for investigating soot formation in combustion processes"

June 10, 10:00, Markus Snellman will defend his licentiate thesis entitled: Aerosol Generated Core-shell Nanoparticles — synthesis and characterization. The faculty opponent is Prof. Viveka Alfredsson, Physical Chemistry, Dept. of Chemistry, Lund University. The seminar will take place online via Zoom

June 23, 11:15-12 Thi Kim Cuong Le, "Online spectroscopic techniques in characterizing soot"  The presentation will be held via zoom


Seminars during the autumn 2020

Sept 9, 11.15-12, Trial lecture for PhD Defense, Malin Alsved, online seminar available on zoom following this link: 

Sept 18, 09.15 PhD defense Malin Alsved "Transmission of Infectious Bioaerosols – Sources, transport and prevention strategies for airborne viruses and bacteria". 

October 6, 11.15-12, IKDC 567, Reading course /Journal club in Aerosol Technology, contact Jakob Löndahl

November 4, 11.15-12, Cheryl Sjöström, Information about the ClimBEco research school via Zoom 

November 11, 11.15-12, Zoom, Ioannis Sadiktsis, "Chemical characterizations of diesel engine exhaust particles and its transformation products from renewable fuels"

November 23, 11.15-12, Calle Preger will give a trial lecture as preparation for his PhD defence "Magnetic-field-directed Self-Assembly of Multifunctional Aerosol Nanoparticles". The seminar is available on zoom

November 25, 11.15-12, Zoom, Reading course /Journal club in Aerosol Technology, contact Jakob Löndahl

November 27, 09.15 PhD defense Calle Preger, "Magnetic field directed self-assembly of multifunctional aerosol nanoparticles" The defence will be entirely online, including the announcement afterwards. It will all be available to follow via zoom

December 9, 11.15-12, Zoom, (Passcode: 422625), Robin Wollesen de Jonge, Secondary aerosol formation from dimethyl sulfide - improved mechanistic understanding based on smog chamber experiments and modelling

December 16, 11.15-12, Zoom, (Meeting ID: 612 7165 3104, Password: 767682) Lovisa Nilsson, Soot particle measurements with SP2

Seminars during the spring 2020

Normally seminars are given on Wednesdays 11.15-12.00

January 16, 10.15-11 IKDC 243, CAST seminar by Dr. Amanda Lea Langton, University of Manchester (opponent at Vilhelm Malmborg's PhD defense), "Particulate Emissions from Domestic Biomass Combustion"

January 17, 9.00 IKDC St. Hörsalen, PhD defense Vilhelm Malmborg "Characteristics of Particulate Emissions from Low Temperature Combustion and Renewable Fuels"

January 29, 13.00-14 IKDC 493, CAST seminar by Julija Pauriate Dudek. “Organic aerosol source apportionment tool SOFI and results for Lithuanian sites”

February 26, 11:15-12 IKDC 567, Seminar by Andrew Grieshop  EAT/NCSU, “Exploring Organic Aerosol Volatility in the Lab and Field”

February 28, 11:15-12 IKDC 567, Seminar by guest researcher Sandeep Kodoli from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune, "Understanding the variability and radiative impact of aerosols over central Himalayan region"

March 4, 11.15-12, IKDC 243, Seminar by Peter Lång, “Art of Air”

March 6, 10:30-12 IKDC 567, Planning of joint applications to FORMAS and VR 2020

March 25, 11.15-12, IKDC 567, Reading course /Journal club in Aerosol Technology, contact Jakob Löndahl

April 3, 11.15-12, Trial lecture for PhD Defense, Stina Ausmeel, online seminar via zoom: 

April 16, Seminar, Dr. Martin Gysel, PSI Switzerland

April 17, 09:15, PhD defense Stina Ausmeel, Nuclear Physics, "Born in fire, borne by air - Source attribution and physicochemical characterization of ship and ambient aerosols in the Baltic region", youtube-link to the defense:

April 17, 13:15, PhD defense Christoffer Pichler, Combustion Physics, "Identification of principle chemical subsets of biofuel combustion - Ants walking in renewable fire".

April 29, 13:15, Trial Lecture for PhD Defense, Karin Loven. Join the Zoom Meeting at

May 15, PhD defense Karin Loven, Assessing Occupational Aerosol Exposures and Their Possible Health and Toxicological Effects, You can follow the defence via Youtube. The opponent is Dr Mar Viana Rodríguez.from the Institute for Environmental Diagnosis and Water Studies (IDAEA-CSIC), Barcelona, Spain

May 27, Reading course / Journal club in Aerosol Technology, contact Jakob Löndahl

June 4, 10:15-12, Midterm seminar Louise Gren "Renewable and petroleum diesel fuels – exhaust emissions in workplaces and laboratory setups". The discussion leader is Dr. Andreas Massling from Aarhus University. Join the seminar via Zoom.

June 15, 13.00-14.00, Midterm seminar Yuliya Omelekhina "Assessment of the physico-chemical properties of airborne particles in occupied Swedish residences". The discussion leader is Assoc. Prof. Peter Molnár from Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, University of Gothenburg. Join the seminar via Zoom.


Seminars during the autumn 2019

Normally seminars are given on Wednesdays 11.15-12.00


August 16, 11:15-11:45 IKDC 567, Pre EAC seminar, Yuliya Omelekhina: Application of positive matrix factorization (PMF) to real time aerosol mass spectrometry measurements in an occupied apartment in Sweden

August 21, 10:15-12:15 IKDC 567, Pre EAC seminars, Louise Gren: Impact of renewable fuels and exhaust after treatment systems on primary emissions and secondary particle formation from a modern heavy-duty diesel engine; Christina Andersen: Biomass Cookstove Emissions Interpreted Based on a Pyrolysis Framework; Mårten Spanne: Comparison of Nephelometer and Oscillating Micro Balance Measurements of Particles in a Train Tunnel Environment; Moa Sporre: BVOC Emissions and SOA Yield Impact on the Direct and Indirect Aerosol Effects in Three ESMs

August 21, 13:15-14:45 IKDC 567, Pre EAC seminars, Stina Ausmeel: Simultaneous Soot Particle Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Measurements at Urban and Rural Sites for Investigation of the Physicochemical Properties of Traffic Emissions; Calle Preger: Nanoparticle deposition spot size in an electrostatic precipitator; Malin Alsved: Airborne Winter Vomiting Disease Virus Detected in Particles <1 µm in Hospital Outbreaks

August 24-25, The 20th Aerosol Mass Spectrometer users meeting, Stora Hörsalen, IKDC

September 11, 11:00-12 IKDC 493, Follow up seminar where we will discuss the news and research that was presented in some recent aerosol conferences.

September 20,  13:00-14:30 IKDC 243 Seminar: Professor Urs Baltensperger from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Schwitzerland, "Challenges and new directions in aerosol science" and "Steps towards a strategy for a cleaner atmosphere"

September  24, 10:00-12:00 IKDC 567 Seminar: Professor Urs Baltensperger the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Schwitzerland, "Health effects of aerosols and possible proxies" and "Secondary aerosol formation"

October 17, Aerosol alumni meeting. See separate Invitation

October 23, 11:15 IKDC 502, PhD student Aerosol reading course. This time the topic will be Low-cost sensors. Contact Jakob Löndahl

November 5, 09:00-15:00 "Transporter – luftkvalitet – hälsopåverkan", seminar with invited speakers from Lund University, the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket). The topic of the workshop is knowledge and future needs within transports, air quality, population health and climate (the presentations will be in Swedish).   

November 13, 11:15-12:00 IKDC 243, Seminar by Pontus Roldin about his recent Nature Communications article "The role of highly oxygenated organic molecules in the Boreal aerosol-cloud-climate system".

November 25, 10:15-12 IKDC 567, Midterm seminar John Falk, "Impact of combustion aerosols on cloud formation - An investigation into ice and cloud condensation nucleation properties of combustion particles"

November 25, 14.15-15 IKDC 567, Seminar by Dr. Eric Thompson, Gothenburg University, Monomers and Clusters — counting molecules to illuminate atmospheric processes

November 27, IKDC 493, 11.15, PhD student Aerosol reading course, Topic this time: Aerosol analysis with synchrotron radiation, contact Jakob Löndahl

December 11, 11:15-12:00 IKDC 304, Seminar by guest professor Andrew Grieshop from North Carolina State University, "Addressing global impacts of household solid fuel use: lessons from the field and lab"

December 18, 11:00-12 IKDC 493, Ville Malmborg will give a pre-dissertation presentation on his thesis "Characteristics of Particulate Emissions from Low Temperature Combustion and Renewable Fuels - Aerosol Mass Spectrometry of Refractory Carbonaceous Particles"





Seminars during the spring 2019

Normally seminars are given on Wednesdays 11.15-12.00

January 23rd: 11.15-12.00 IKDC 243, Seminar: Recently funded new aerosol projects within CAST (1) Pontus Roldin, Joakim Pagels, Annette Krais, Johan Friberg.

January 30th: 11.15-12.00 IKDC 567, Seminar: Recently funded new aerosol projects within CAST (2) Per-Erik Bengtsson, Jenny Rissler, Jakob Löndahl, Karin Broberg Palmgren.

February 20th: 11.15-12 IKDC 567, Seminar: Johan Friberg (NP), Smokestacks to the stratosphere – natural and anthropogenic aerosol forcing

March 1st: 10.00-14, M:B, PhD Defense: Sam Shamun (CE), Characterization of the Combustion of Light Alcohols in CI Engines

March 5th: 10:30-12 IKDC, Seminar: Share ideas and find collaborations for the FORMAS and VR application calls this year.

March 6th: 11.15-12 IKDC 567, Seminar: Thomas Holst: Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry

March 12th: 11.15-12 IKDC 567, Seminar: Jonas Elm, Aarhus University, Modelling Atmospheric New Particle Formation Using Quantum Chemical Methods

March 13th: 11.15-12 IKDC 567, PhD student Aerosol Reading Course, contact Jakob Löndahl

March 13th: 14.15-15 IKDC 567, Seminar: Risto Makkonen, Finnish Met. Inst., Biosphere-aerosol interactions in EC-Earth – example from simulations of Green Sahara during the Mid-Holocene period

March 27th: 11.15-12 IKDC 467, Seminar, Vaughn Phillips (INES), Ice initiation in clouds

March 28th: 15:15, Rydberg Lecture Hall, Physics Dept., Seminar, Prof. Xinzhao Chu, University of Colorado, "Antarctic Lidars: Laser Spectroscopy in Space for Exploring the Earth’s Geospace and Atmosphere System"

March 29th: 9:15, Rydberg Lecture Hall, Physics Dept., PhD defence by Elin Malmqvist, “From Fauna to Flames - Remote Sensing with Scheimpflug-Lidar”

April 17th: 11.15-12 IKDC, Seminar IKDC 567: Namsoon Eom (FTF), Gas-phase synthesis of core-shell nanoparticles using spark discharge generator

May 22nd: 11.15-12 IKDC 567, Seminar: Madeleine Peterson Sjögren (EAT): SCAPIS: Lung diagnosis with nanoparticles

June 5th: 11:15-12 IKDC,  Seminar: Veronica Ideböhn (EAT): Real time mass spectrometric analysis of exhaled breath after exposure to irritant

Seminars during the autumn 2018

August 27th: 13:15-14 IKDC 493, Feedback and practice of talks for IAC 2018 (Karin Lovén and Yulya Omelechina) 

September 18th: 11:00-12 IKDC: Reports and highlights from IAC and other recent aerosol conferences

September 26th: 11:00-12 IKDC 567, preparation seminar for PhD defence for Jonas Jakobsson

October 10th 11.15-12 IKDC 493, CAST Aerosol Reading Course (contact Jakob Löndahl)

October 12th 9.15-12 IKDC Stora Hörsalen, PhD Dissertation: Jonas Jakobsson. Charting the human lung with inhaled nanoparticles

October 17th: 11.15-12 IKDC 567, Seminar Yuliya Omelechina and Axel Eriksson. Positive Matrix Factorisation to separate sources/factors using aerosol mass spectrometry

October 19th 13:15, Physics Dept. Rydbergsalen, PhD Dissertation: Robert Hallberg. Aerosol Metal Nanoparticles and their Role in Particle Assisted Growth of III–V Nanowires

October 24th 11.15-12 IKDC 243, Seminar Jyrkki Mäkelä, Tampere University, Finland “Fabrication of functional nanoparticle coatings using Liquid Flame Spray

October 24th 14.00-16 Physics Dept. k-space, Licentiate Seminar Calle Preger

October 25th 11.15-12 IKDC 493, Morten Köcks Danish Technological Institute: "Reduced particle emission in the indoor and outdoor environment - cases from a Danish perspective."

October 31st 11.00-12 IKDC 567, Seminar by Johan Friberg  “Smokestacks to the stratosphere – natural and anthropogenic aerosol forcing” & Oscar Elmqvist Sandvik on “Subvisible cirrus clouds”

November 14th. 11.15-12 IKDC 518, Seminar Sara Thorberg, “Designed nanostructures for catalysis”.

November 21st 11.15-12 IKDC 493, CAST Aerosol Reading Course (contact Jakob Löndahl)

November 28th 11.15-12 IKDC 493, Seminar Yumjirmaa Mandakh “Air pollution exposure and the risk of developing preeclampsia”.

December 12th 11.15-12 IKDC 493, Seminar Sandra Török, "Optical properties of soot particles".

December 13th 13:15 Lecture hall F at Kemicentrum, Prof. Alena Kubatova, “Lignomics: structure and MW-based lignin characterization using thermal carbon analysis, TD-pyr-GC-MS, SEC, ESI-MS”.

December 14th 9.00 in Kemicentrum lecture hall B: PhD defense of Hafiz Abdul Azeem “Extraction and chromatography of targeted emission markers in atmospheric aerosols”.


Seminars during the spring 2018

January 24th: 11.15-12 IKDC 243 Louise Gren (EAT), Toward relationships between biodiesel/diesel exhaust particle phys-chem properties and toxicological effects.

February 6th: 10.30-12.00 IKDC 243, Planning of joint applications to FORMAS and VR 2018

February 15th: 11.15-12 IKDC 567 Panu Karjalainen, Tampere University of Technology, Finland: Formation and emissions of nanoparticles and clusters in diesel exhaust and atmospheric ageing.

February 16th, 13.15 in IKDC467, Professor em Thomas Cahill, University of California, Davis. A joint seminar between Nuclear Physics and Ergonomis and Aerosol Technology

February 22nd: 11.15-12 IKDC 567 Seminar Christina Williamson, NOAA, USA, A Global View of Atmospheric New Particle Formation from the NASA Atmospheric Tomography Mission

February 28th: 11.15-12 IKDC 493 Reading course for PhD students. Topic: Urban air pollution” (contact Jakob Löndahl)

March 14th 11.15-12 IKDC 518 Pontus Roldin ADCHAM Aerosol Dynamics Model. How can it support your experimental research? 

March 22nd 11.15-12 IKDC 567  Christina Andersen, A human exposure study of dermal and inhalation uptake of particle and gas phase phthalates      

April 11th: CANCELLED Reading course for PhD students

April 24th: 14.00-16.00, IKDC 304, joint CAST/METALUND seminar, Towards more reliable risk assessment of inhaled particles (Otmar Schmid,  Helmholtz Zentrum München)

April 27th: 11.15-12:00, IKDC Stora Hörsalen, Dr Paul Miles manager of the Engine Combustion Research group at Sandia National Labs in Livermore, CA, adjunct professor at the department of Energy Sciences. "Potential of advanced combustion for fuel consumption and emission reduction in the light-duty fleet: current status and research needs"

May 9th 11.00-12 IKDC 567 Martin Magnusson and Calle Preger, "Offline inversion of aerosol size distributions from a single DMA using Mathematica" and " Using COMSOL Multiphysics as a Tool to Predict Aerosol Deposition Spot Size of an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)"

May 17th 10:00 -12:00, Stora Hörsalen, IKDC Workshop “Particles, ventilation and health” arranged by Centre for Healthy Indoor Environments together with EUROVENT.

May 22nd: 10:15-12:00, IKDC Lilla hörsalen, joint CAST/METALUND seminar, Bioaerosols and their health effects (Anne-Mette Madsen, NFA Copenhagen) 

May 22nd: 13:15-15, IKDC Lilla hörsalen, joint CAST/METALUND seminar, Toxicological studies on nanoparticles (Karin Sörig Hougaard, NFA Copenhagen) 

May 23rd: 9:00-11:00, Lilla hörsalen, joint CAST/METALUND seminar, Health Impact Assessments of air pollution (Bertil Forsberg, Umeå University)

June 1st: 09:15 at Physics Department, K404 (Hall F), Laser Diagnostics for Soot in Small-Scale and Practical Systems, Johan Simonsson (Combustion Physics) PhD Dissertation 

June 13th: 11.15-12.00 Stina Ausmeel (Nuclear Physics), IKDC 567: Midterm seminar "Ship emission aerosol in a sulphur emission control area - Quantification and physicochemical characterization" (discussion leader Kent Salo, Chalmers, Gothenburg)

June 14th: 10.15-11.00 Christina Andersson (EAT): Midterm seminar on Phthalate and SVOC exposure (Discussion leader Gabriel Bekö, DTU,Copenhagen)

June 15th: 10.15-11.00 Karin Lovén (EAT): Midterm seminar ”Occupational exposuers to cleaning sprays and engineered nanomaterials" (Discussion leader Håkan Tinnerberg, AMM, Gothenburg)

June 20th: 10.15-11.00 Malin Alsved (EAT), Midterm seminar "Airborne transmission of infectious agents" (Discussion leader Anne-Mette Madsen, NFA Copenhagen), Room DC:567

June 20th: 11.30 - 18:45, Pufendorf IAS, Biskopsgatan 3, “Air Pollution in a Bucket: seeing air pollution in multiple dimensions”, with Guest Lecture of Prof. Michael Jerrett. Please register (including dietary preferences/allergies) by sending an e-mail to Ebba Malmqvist no later than June 15.


Seminars during the autumn 2017

August 24th (Thursday) 9.30-12 IKDC 518. Trial presentations and feedback for PhD students presenting at EAC

September 6th: 11.00-12 IKDC 567 Neserin Ali: Effects of human exposure to welding fumes and diesel exhaust – A proteomics approach. 

September 13th: 10.00-11 IKDC 304 Charlie Weschler, Rutgers University, USA: Chemistry in indoor air and the role of occupants  

September 14th: 9.00-10 IKDC 304, Charlie Weschler: Dermal uptake directly from air for phthalates and other common chemicals

September 20th, IKDC 567, Major points and take home messages from EAC 2017

September 21st, 15:15 Physics Dept. k-space, Lutz Mädler from University of Bremen. Lutz Mädler is Director of the Process and Chemical Engineering Division of the Foundation Institute of Materials Science (IWT)

September 22nd: 9.15 Physics Dept. Lecture hall Rydberg, Linus Ludvigsson (FTF) PhD Defense

September 27th: 11.00-12 IKDC 567 Moa Sporre (NP): Earth System Models and BVOC-cloud-climate interactions. 

October 4th: 11.00-12 IKDC 567 Reading course for PhD students (Jakob Löndahl)

October 11th: 11.00-12 IKDC 567, Michael Boy, University of Helsinki, Process-based aerosol-chemistry transport models

October 18th: 11.00-12 at Solid State Physics C368, Calle Preger (FTF) Synthesis of alloy aerosol nanoparticles + short lab visit

October 26th: 13:00-14:30 IKDC 567, Harri Kokkola, FMI; Finland: "Aerosol research at the Atmospheric Research Centre of Easter Finland" and Terje Koren Berntsen, Departmen of Geosciences at the University of Oslo, "The impact of historical oxidant changes on aerosol indirect effects".

October 27th: 9.15 - Physics Dept. Lecture hall Rydberg, Emelie Öström (NP), Modeling of new particle formation and growth in the atmospheric boundary layer, PhD Dissertation 

November 1st: 11.00-12 IKDC 467 Jonas Jakobsson (EAT) COPD diagnostics with nanoparticles

November 8th: 11.00-12 IKDC 467 Vilhelm Malmborg (EAT) Relationship between combustion conditions, soot properties and PAH emissions 

November 15th: 11.00-12 IKDC 467 Leila D. Martins, Federal University of Technology – Parana, Brasil. Air quality, Health and Climate Interactions: ongoing research project, Brazil

November 21st: 11:00-12 IKDC 567 Volker Matthias, How shipping and agriculture impact coastal air quality, Helmholtzzentrum Geesthacht

November 22nd: 10:00-11 IKDC room 467, Ulf Gustavsson, project leader at the company OPSIS (Furulund), will present their new Real Driving Emissions vehicle test system

The presentation will be followed by a lab tour of the aerosol laboratory and engine laboratory at 11-12.

Please confirm your attendance by 20/11 to:

November 29th 11.00-12 IKDC 467 Reading course for PhD students (Jakob Löndahl)

December 6th 11.00-12 IKDC 493 Oscar Elmqvist (NP) Volcanic Aerosols 

December 11th, 13.15-15.00, IKDC Aerosol lab (Sölvegatan 26) Tutorial in Aerosol Mass Spectrometry (AMS). Dr. Edward C. Fortner at Aerodyne Inc. are visiting Lund for two weeks in December. On Monday the 11/12 there will be a chance for the interested to visit the Lund University Aerosol lab for a 2h hands-on tutorial focusing on aerosol mass spectrometry and specifically the Soot Particle Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (SP-AMS, Aerodyne). The SP-AMS is suitable for studies on both non-refractory and highly refractory infra-red absorbing particles (Soot, metals).

December 13th, 11.00-12 Combustion Physics, Library conference room E421, Thi Kim Cuong Le, Raman spectroscopy: a powerful tool in investigations of soot properties and soot formation processes + short lab visit

December 14th, 14:00-15:00 IKDC Lilla Hörsalen, Christopher Hoyle, Secondary aerosol in the laboratory and the atmosphere

December 15th, 09:15 -, Blå Halle in the Ecology building, Erik Ahlberg (NP) PhD Dissertation, Speeding up the Atmosphere: Experimental oxidation studies of ambient and laboratory aerosols using a flow reactor. 

Seminars during the spring 2017

Wednesdays 11.00-12.00

8 Feb, IKDC 243, Anna Oudin (AMM), Neurological effects of air pollution

15 Feb, IKDC 518, Discussion on aerosol problems in PhD projects

22 Feb, IKDC 567, Maria Messing (FTF), Tutorial on Electron Microscopy for Aerosol Scientists

1 March, IKDC 567, Mainly senior scientists within CAST, This year’s FORMAS and VR calls – Finding synergies within CAST

8 March, IKDC 567, Öivind Andersson (FBM) & Stina Ausmeel (KF), Soot formation, oxidation and ship emissions

15 March, IKDC 518, Mainly PhD Students, Discussion on aerosol problems in PhD projects / Practice for NOSA

20-22 March, Palaestra, Lund, NOSA Conference, register on

23 March, IKDC 518, 13:00 - 14:00  Meeting/discussion with Mariam Shirdel from Umeå University about here projects on passive samplers in working environments for particle characterisation

12 April, IKDC 567, Malin Alsved (EAT), Roland Schrödner (CEC), Bioaerosols

19 April, Discussion on aerosol problems in PhD projects

26 April, Erik Ahlberg (NP), SOA formation with PAM chamber

3 May, IKDC 567, Sandra Török (FBF) och Anders Karlsson (EIT), Optical properties of soot – experiments and modelling 

17 May, Discussion on aerosol problems in PhD projects


18 May, IKDC 567, 14:15, Dr. Heike Wex, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research, Heterogeneous ice nucleation in the TROPOS cloud laboratory

19 May, Physics Department lecture hall Rydberg, 09:00, PhD defence by Cerina Wittbom (NP), Black Death - Blue Skies - White Clouds 

24 May, IKDC 567, Karin Loven (EAT), Cleaning Spray Emissions


29 May, IKDC 567,  The Healthy Indoor Environment group and CAST is arranging a seminar with Prof. William P. Bahnfleth (Pennsylvania State Univ.), Assessing & Efficiently Limiting Airborne Exposure Risk in Buildings.

2 June, Physics Department lecture hall Rydberg, 09:15: PhD defence by Johan Martinsson (NP), Development and Evaluation of Methods in Source Apportionment of the Carbonaceous Aerosol 

7 June, IKDC 243, Christina Andersen (EAT) and John Falk (NP), Emissions from biomass combustion in the developing world 

8 June, Pufendorf Institute, 09:15, PhD defence by Tahir Taj (AMM), Safe air below EU air quality limit?  

14 June, Thomas Kristensen (NP), Ice Nucleation

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Master thesis seminars



June 3, 09:00, Marcus Norlin and Linnea Savér present their Master thesis "Diffuse dust at Boliden Bergsöe investigated through X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy". The seminar will be in room DC:567. Supervisors: Axel Eriksson (EAT), Adam Kristensson (Nucl. Phys.). Examinator: Christina Isaxon (EAT).



August 31, 14:00, Adrian Reyes Martin, "The aerosol-chase project. A continental Lagrangian experiment". Supervisors: Adam Kristensson, Lund University, and Matt Johnson, Copenhagen University.  The presentation will be held via Zoom



November 13, 13:15-14:15, Rebecca Johansson will present her Master thesis "Measurements of ice nucleating particles in southern Sweden" The presentation will be held via zoom.


June 5, 10:15, Elin Önnesta will present her Master thesis "Air under the Surface – Particulate Concentrations in a Submarine Work Environment" via zoom.

May 29, 16:00, Ellen Carneheim will present her Bachelor thesis "Planetary boundary layer height measurements in a rural environment in southern Sweden - Relation to meteorological parameters and aerosol particle concentrations" via Zoom

May 29, 15:00, Ellen Soroka will present her Bachelor thesis "Indoor and Outdoor Measurements of Particulate Matter with the Low-Cost Optical Sensor OPC-N3" via Zoom

May 28, 14:00, Dana Lüdemann will present her Bachelor thesis "Secondary aerosol formation from dimethyl sulfide - Smog chamber experiments and detailed process modelling" via Zoom

February 27, 13:15, IKDC:567, André Nagy will present his Master thesis "Characterization of a new type of nanoparticle generator for medical inhalation applications"

January 21, 13:15, IKDC 467, Amalia Larsson Hurtig will present her Master thesis, "Lung Deposition of Airborne Particles - Resolved in a Single Breath"

January 24, 10:30-12,  Atmosfären (at Geocentrum), Carl Svenhag's Master thesis presentation, "Interpreting and composing SAGE II-III satellite data with a cloud algorithm for stratospheric aerosols"




August 16th, 13:15-14:00, IKDC 567, Fredrik Mattson, Airborne particles and gas-phase pollutant emissions from candle burning and its impact on the indoor air quality


May 20th, 09:30-10:30 in Physics Dept. E421, Jonatan Henriksson, Raman spectroscopy for characterization of soot and other carbonaceous materials

June 10th, 10:00-11:00, IKDC 304, Valborg Henriksson, PCB i inomhusluft i Sverige - en exponerings- och omfattningsstudie

June 10th 13.15 IKDC 493, Master Thesis presentation by Mathias Kalmert and Piotr Czernicki, Evaluation of a heated inlet to reduce humidity induced error in low-cost particulate matter sensors

June 14th 09:15-10:15 IKDC 567, Julia Dobric, Aerosol exposure in an air-liquid interface (ALI) system